What to Do in Positano

When Amalfi Coast is mentioned, the village of Positano immediately comes to mind. The steep hillside where the houses rest has been used numerous times in movies, YouTube videos, social media posts, and even travel and tech blogs.

If you happen to be in Positano and do not know what to do, here are some activities that you might want to consider:

Walk the whole day

The combination of the climate and the great view make Positano a nice place for walking. Go for a stroll with your loved one or your family. Talk about the different sights that you see and the sounds that you hear. Let your senses be treated to an awesome experience in this iconic village.

Be sure to take pictures along the way. You would not want happy moments and unforgettable memories to not be captured in a photo. If you did not bring a camera with you, you can order one from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They would be very helpful to assist you with your concerns. Walking is the best way to see the city for what it is. You’ll feel what it feels like to be a local. You’ll get to meet some travellers like you looking for glasvezel alles in een vergelijken. If you like walking, Positano will be a great place to discover.

Relax in the hotels

Because Positano is considered a national heritage site by UNESCO, you can find a lot of hotels built around the area. If you just want to enjoy the view of Italy and its beaches, it is a good suggestion to stay in your hotel all day. Some of the hotels themselves are unique and charming on its own.

Pour a cup of coffee while you lounge on your chair inside your hotel. Select from any of these luxurious hotels in Positano- Villa Yiara, Villa La Trasita, Casa Buonocore, and Le Sirenuse.

Be in awe of the paintings in museums and galleries

Italy has created prominent painters from the golden age of art up until today. The museums in Positano have a classic feel. You may have visited museums in your travels, but the museums here will still not disappoint. The tickets can be bought through agoda discount code Australia. No matter how many museums you have visited, the museums here will still amaze you. If you like looking at the brush strokes, being in awe of the combination of colors in paintings, and admiring the skills that the painters have, you can choose to plan a day full of visits to art galleries and museums. If you want to take home an art, you should go to those little art galleries and buy one for your home.